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Scholarship Application

AfricaLive! offers a range of scholarship opportunities, including both partial and full scholarships. These scholarships are part of our commitment to making education accessible and ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder passionate learners from pursuing their dreams with AfricaLive!

PARTIAL SCHOLARSHIP: Our partial scholarships are designed to cover a portion of the course fees, thereby reducing the financial burden on our students. Partial scholarship recipients can pay the remainder of fees in installments using the AfricaLIVE! payment plan.

FULL SCHOLARSHIP: For those with more substantial financial needs, a select number of full scholarships are available, which cover 100% of the course fees.

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How many people live in your household / family unit?
Your individual Monthly Income in US dollars.
Your household Monthly Income in US dollars.
Do you have investments greater than $10,000 USD?
Do you own a home?
Do you own a vehicle?
Select all that apply:
Are you a first generation university student?
Have you ever taken an online course?
If you were offered a payment plan, could you and your family afford to make payments towards this course?
The scholarship committee is looking for a genuine, personalized response that provides insight into your life, your aspirations, and the financial or personal challenges you’re facing that make the scholarship necessary for your continued education.


Under penalty of perjury, the above statements are true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and belief. False statements may result in expulsion from the course, forfeiture of any fees paid, and revocation of course certificate.